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DOT Approved Testing

The BAC at which a person becomes impaired is variable, dependent upon the individual. Parameters specific to the individual such as physical size, weight, activity level, eating habits and alcohol tolerance all affect the level of impairment.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has established a BAC of 0.02% (0.02g/dL) as the level at which an individual is considered positive for the presence of alcohol. DOT provides for the use of screening devices using bodily fluids, including saliva, to detect the presence of 0.02% (0,2) BAC or greater.

Alco-Screen 02 is so effective that it has been tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for required testing of all transportation and safety sensitive employees for blood alcohol concentrations above the federally mandated zero tolerance level of 0.02%.

The Alco-Screen 02 test consists of a plastic strip with a reactive pad applied at the tip. The tip, on contact with saliva samples with alcohol in excess of 0.02% (0,2) will produce a positive result after 4 minutes, which is indicated by the development of a distinct colored line across the pad. The reactive pad employs a solid phase chemistry that utilizes the following enzyme chemistry that is highly specific in this application.
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