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56024: Alco-Screen 02 DOT Approved
Alco-Screen 02
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56024: Alco-Screen 02 DOT Approved

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#56024 Alco-Screen 02

Product Information:

  • 0.02 alcohol detection
  • Saliva alcohol test
  • Box of 24 tests
  • 11-13 month shelf life guaranteed
  • D.O.T. approved
  • Results in 4 minutes
  • CLIA waived  and  FDA cleared
  • OTC approved for over the counter sales
  • Disposable
  • 24 test strips per box
  • Effective  for Zero Tolerance workplace policy
  • Fast - test results in 4 minutes.
  • Uses saliva to test blood alcohol levels.
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Indicates blood alcohol  up to 0.02%
The Alco-Screen 02, saliva alcohol test strip employs a rapid, highly sensitive method, a one step test for the purpose of identifying alcohol in saliva which provides a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration.

Excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol is the most common and pervasive social problems in our society. It is a contributory factor to many accidents, injuries and medical conditions. Screening of individuals for alcohol consumption using alcohol test kits is an important method for the identification of individuals who might be at risk due to alcohol intoxication.

Alco-Screen makes alcohol screening fast, easy and convenient. Alco-Screen is a very simple, one-step, 2 minute screen requiring no instrumentation, calibration or special training to be used effectively in the home, and is convenient enough to be used anytime, anyplace.

Each test strip is individually wrapped and completely disposable.

The Alco-Screen test strip can detect the presence of alcohol in other fluids or beverages in addition to screening saliva. The Alco-Screen alcohol saliva screen reacts with methyl, ethyl, and allyl alcohols. Failure to wait 15 minutes after placing food, drink, or other materials in the mouth before running the screen can provide erroneous results due to possible contamination of the saliva by interfering substances.

The Alco-Screen alcohol detection kit reliably indicates the presence or absence of alcohol at or above 0.02%. Alco-Screen alcohol saliva screen is an effective screening method, which is DOT (Dept of Transportation) approved and is required for screening all the transportation and safety sensitive employees. Saliva is the preferred screening specimen due to the relationship between saliva alcohol and blood alcohol. The saliva to blood ratio is 1 to 1, while breath is 0.00048 to 1. This product requires no calibration and is disposable. Alco-Screen 02, provides test results in just 4 minutes.

Alco-Screen 02 is commonly used for zero tolerance workplace screening programs and can be used in the field or office many times while employees are coming back from lunch or reporting to work. For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies.

View: Alco-Screen Test Procedure
Disposable saliva test Strip
Results in 4 Minutes
Alco-Screen 02 Photo
Alco-Screen Alcohol Detection Kit
"Legal limit varies according to testing location".
For forensic use, professional use, or investigational use only.

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